Sean is an extremely helpful and thoughtful individual who cares about those seeking opportunities in the IT industry. He asks the best questions, ones that are easy to answer yet still relevant to your goals. He will take into consideration any requirements you have when searching for potential job matches, and he is someone you can rely on to keep in contact with on a regular basis. For those struggling to find a job in the ever-growing IT industry, I highly recommend contacting Sean as you will surely find all the help you need.  

Sara D., Web Developer at Innis Maggiore Group 

I had the pleasure of working Sean to fill multiple positions in our Technical Support department. I cannot emphasize enough how outstanding an experience Sean delivered in his role in recruiting candidates for our positions. He saved our management team from numerous hours of work by aggressively screening his candidates and providing us with an in-depth analysis from those screenings. There simply is no comparison in the quality of work he delivered when considering previous recruiters that I have worked with and I will not hesitate to utilize Sean's services when additional technical positions need filled.  

Chris R., Director of Technical Support at SugarCRM

My experience with Sean was great. I had been looking for better opportunities and was surprised at how easily he connected me with 2-3 good fits right away. Sean was able to quickly discern my narrow criteria and all along the way he helped me stay focused, organized, and was very encouraging. I did not spend hours and hours searching through vague job postings and dealing with uniformed H.R. reps. Sean made job hunting efficient and painless. He delivered a great experience which lead to the best opportunity I've had.  

Nathan W., Web Application Engineer at Movable

Sean is a step above the rest in terms of customer service matched with the ability to source quality candidates. I would certainly recommend him if you seek qualified IT resources for your company.

Drew A., Director of Application Development

Sean contacted me about job opportunity that fit my background. Working with both myself and the client at each step of the way, he managed to keep everyone in constant communication with each other, got all my questions answered, and in the end worked out the best offer for both me and my new company. It was truly a pleasure working with someone who does job placement, but not just for the benefit of himself, but for the benefit of everyone else involved. He did a wonderful job and comes highly recommended by me. When ever someone I know is looking for a job, I always route them to Sean.  

Kevin K., Software Architect

I've known Sean for years and have always been impressed with his professionalism and dedication to placing high quality candidates within the IT field. I had the opportunity to work with Sean to quickly retain a freelance web designer. Within 24 hours, Sean sent me three very qualified candidates to review and by the next business day, I met with the freelance resource who helped us complete our web project quickly and easily. I recommend anyone looking for an IT resource to call Sean who will act as an extension of your team to find the right fit.  

Holly H., Director of Direct Sales and Customer Experience

Sean got me my dream job! That was three years ago when I was a freshly minted Sun Certified Java Programmer. He took my passion for technology seriously. I am still working at the same company. Meeting Sean turned out to be my lucky break and I give him my full recommendation.  

Daniel H., Sr. Java Developer

Sean Zetts is that rare find: professional, detail-oriented, knowledgeable (a crucial necessity in IT) and personable. Throughout my experiences with Sean, I have been continually impressed by the time he spends ensuring that any opportunities discussed and explored were the best possible fit for both the candidate and the hiring company in question. Beyond that however, the element that makes Sean really shine, is how he goes beyond the business of doing business - his effortlessly personable nature puts people at ease and allows them to open up in what could otherwise be a very calculating process. Throughout, he is respectful of the sensitive nature of a job search from privacy concerns to time-to-fill deadlines. Sean's technical knowledge sets him apart from other IT recruiters I have encountered. Sean knows this space: it's language, skill sets and needs. This understanding and knowledge allows him to pursue the right people for the right positions.  I have found Sean is always willing to go the extra mile -- to take that extra bit of effort to follow-up or explore an opportunity, discover the details that define a good match between a candidate and an opportunity, and maintaining a relationship to help ensure an optimal experience and outcome. Sean isn't just on my short-list of IT recruiting professionals -- he is the list.  

Kevin H., Senior Director of Solutions and Strategy at NAS Recruitment Communications

Sean has proven to be a tremendous resource for IT candidates as well as for companies looking for IT talent. Moreover, Sean is a tremendous human being. He treats everyone with respect, and he gets the job done. I highly recommend Sean!  

Randy S., President and Executive Recruiter at e Search

Sean contacted me for an opportunity with his client. He made sure the opportunity aligned with my criteria. Sean helped me secure my new position and I would definitely recommend his services as a recruiter.  

Daryl J., Sr. Software Engineer at PNC

Sean is a very knowledgeable recruiter with a great work ethic. In recruiting a network engineer for me this past year, Sean not only gave us an array of qualified candidates to look at but also worked hard to find us someone that fit well in to our company culture. Sean kept us well informed throughout the recruiting process and has followed up with me several times over the past few months so insure our satisfaction with the placement. I would absolutely use Sean's services again if the need arises and would highly recommend him for any IT placement needs you may have.  

John G. (PHR), HR Manager

What can I say, Sean has a glowing list of recommendations and mine is not going to be any different. Sean was able to place me quickly at a fantastic company in a position I really enjoy. I've been in IT for over 10 years, and have dealt with handfuls of recruiters, none of which have been able to remotely provide the service Sean has. If you are in the IT job market, look no further than Sean, he is the best out there! Thanks again!  

Anthony T., Senior Systems Administrator at Family Heritage Life Insurance Company

Sean is a great guy with much enthusiasm for his job. He knows what he's doing and looks out for your best interests. Sean introduced me to a new & rewarding opportunity during a down economy and helped with the transition.  

Steve E., Owner at Alt Solutions

I had the opportunity to work with Sean as a candidate and also as a co-worker. The guy is probably one of the most solid recruiters I've had the chance to work with, or use as a recruiter myself. During my job search, Sean explored all avenues which were a potential fit for my career goals. He went above and beyond locating potential positions within his extensive client base. Going out on interviews with Sean's clients, I felt extremely confident that I had everything I needed to succeed during the interview. Sean is able to build strong, and trustworthy relationships with both his clients and candidates which is the recipe for success in the recruiting industry. Working as Sean's co-worker was also a great experience. He brings a great attitude to the office everyday. Throughout the time I worked along side Sean, I don't recall ever seeing him discouraged or not in great spirits, which made for a great working atmosphere. I hate to say I am no longer Sean's co-worker, but if the situation ever comes about to where I need to utilize another recruiter for any reason, Sean will absolutely be the first guy I call. For IT professionals and IT hiring managers, I would HIGHLY recommend Sean for your recruiting needs.  

Brad T., Rational Brand Technical Sales Specialist at IBM

Sean was extremely helpful in my search for a new position. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and quickly addressed questions I had regarding the new position. I would highly recommend Sean.

Stephanie Z., Mobile Product Manager at HSN

Sean helped to place me at my current position. Sean is always prepared and is a great interview coach. I would definitely recommend Sean.  

Benjamin K., Web/Portal Developer

I very much enjoyed working with Sean. He was very easy to talk to and kept me well informed about the progress of the opportunities that we were working on. A totally professional experience.  

Steve K., Unix Systems Administrator

Sean Zetts is a knowledgeable and professional recruiter who exceeds expectations. Mr. Zetts provided excellent service to our IT department as we conducted a search for a WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Senior Administrator. He used his extensive network to bring qualified candidates to our attention. He was well organized and provided timely and informative communications. There was never a concern that something might “slip through the cracks”. Mr. Zetts goes above and beyond his recruiting duties. When our local professional organization for Enterprise Architects and IT Architects needed a speaker, he arranged for a speaker to present “Create your personal blueprint for career success”, which provided a unique insight into C-level expectations for Enterprise Architects and IT Architects. Mr. Zetts is one who gives back to the professional community. It is a pleasure to know and to collaborate with him.  

Joseph S., Enterprise Architect

I was contacted by Sean for a customer’s project in Akron. Throughout the recruiting process, I was very impressed by Sean’s knowledge and professionalism and his communication was excellent. In my opinion he sets the bar for others in his industry.  

Antony C., Engineer at PNC

Sean placed me into position that got me more involved with Cisco / VoIP. The opportunity came with great benefits and reduced my commute by 35 miles, allowing me to spend more time with my family.  

Dave W., VoIP Infrastructure Engineer at Case Western Reserve University

My experience with Sean as a recruiter was nothing but positive. Communications were always prompt and professional. And it was immediately apparent Sean's goal was to find a best fit both for me and for the company. A class act all around.  

Mendo V., Programmer / Analyst at Oracle/Micros

Sean was responsible for getting me one of the greatest jobs I've ever had. As a recruiter he was flexible and accommodating every step of the way, and put in 110% of his effort to get me the position and salary I wanted. He was also incredibly efficient and helped me prepare for the interview. It was like having an advocate working on my behalf, and I can't recommend him highly enough!  

Beth D., Product Designer at Facebook

I have had the pleasure of working with Sean over the past three years, and he has consistently been able to find software developers who had the right skill set and motivation to excel on our projects. He is definitely one of my go-to people when I'm looking for full-time or contract personnel.  

Lane G., Information Systems Application Principal

When I was looking to move into independent consulting, Sean helped me out by explaining what I needed to know. He set me up with my first contract assignment. It was a great opportunity and I learned a lot! Sean stays in contact with me and placed me to another contract gig. He is a focused recruiter that yields great results. I recommend Sean to companies that are looking for technical talent. And to IT professionals that are open to the next step in their career.  

Quanwei L., Lead Application Developer / Architect at Lus Consulting

I would like to highly recommend Sean. Sean worked with me on several different job opportunities and I found him to be professional, timely, hard working and above all sincere. He was able to provide me with a job of my dreams. Working with my skill base he was able to match my technical background with a company that has enable me to grow in all sorts of directions. I owe this to Sean and highly regard him as one of the most dedicated consultants I've ever worked with.  

Tamra L., RightFax Administrator at Pomeroy

He was a great help to me when I started looking for a job. Sean placed me to a great software development company. The first and the best part I liked about him is that he is always very quick in getting the best results.  

Leena N., Programmer at Hughes Network Systems


Sean, found me a position in Cleveland, while I was living in Paris France. He at first setup international over the phone interviews with 2 companies and then on arriving in Cleveland, had 2 in-person interviews organized for me. Sean was professional, very informed about the IT environment in Ohio (He knows who the major players are, what skills are in demand, niche markets for more obscure technologies etc). The thing I like most about working with Sean is his professionalism and his integrity, he understands how important it is for the client to acquire a valuable employee and he understands the issues for job seekers, their need for privacy and urgency in finding employment. I have met some people who have been placed by Sean and they are high quality resources (well placed in organizations). Sean is not a fly-by-night recruiter, he takes his career and the Information Technology arena seriously. You would do well to employed by his services.  

Lynton B., Consultant at Sherwin Williams

Sean is a true professional in his field. Sean is great at understanding the client need, the issues around a project, and then providing top resources to ensure project success.  

Mike H., Enterprise Architect

Sean really took the time to get to know me and what would be a good fit for me. He talked me out of taking a position that likely would have been a bad career move, and helped me get into another position that should have been a good fit. That particular opportunity didn't work out very well, but it was more of a workspace culture issue than anything... it was a great opportunity. Sean has continued to keep in touch with me since then as well, which shows the he really does care about the people he places. I would certainly consider working with him again!  

Kirk W., Analyst/Developer III at Sherwin Williams

Sean is a consummate professional in every aspect of the IT Recruiting business. In my dealings with Sean, his professionalism and sincerity was evident at all times. Even when uncertainty arises, Sean is a steadying pro that I wouldn't hesitate to work with again.  

Rawu W., Lotus Notes/Domino Application Developer / System Administrator at Invacare

In my dealings with Sean, he has always been professional, friendly and helpful. I can count on Sean to give me an honest appraisal of what the job market has to offer in his area for my skill set. When he has placed me in the past for contract positions, he always made a point of following up, has made sure everything is going okay, and always expressed a genuine interest in how I was doing. If you are a professional who is looking for placement in a contract or salaried position, I would highly recommend you give Sean Zetts a call.  

Peter L., IBM

Most recruiters simply view you as a product to be sold. Sean took the time to get to know me, and find out exactly what I was looking for. And most importantly, even though I was looking to make a major jump in salary and responsibility, Sean was my advocate. He believed in me, and translated that belief to the client. In the end, I got a dream job, thanks to Sean's hard work and dedication. I'd highly recommend Sean to anyone who is looking for a recruiter, either to represent them, or to find talent for their company.  

Austin Z., Senior Sales Engineer at Kony

Sean is a calm and informative recruiter. He was able to provide me with accurate and detailed information to allow me to make a professional decision with my career. With his relaxed personality, I recommend his recruiting services to anyone who is looking for a professional change in their IT career.  

Seth J., Web Architect

Sean's expertise is only outweighed by his integrity and professionalism. He not only presented me with an excellent career opportunity but also fortified my job searching skills way beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Sean Zetts.  

David F., Senior Developer for Mobile Products

Sean goes above and beyond to network with recruiters in the business. He is professional and knowledgeable and I would recommend him as a resource for industry information and as a mentor.  

Nina E., Talent Acquisition Consultant at Eaton

When I was between engagements, Sean was very good at locating highly qualified opportunities that matched my skill set and professional criteria. His work led to several very competitive offers; both full-time and contract based. He kept me informed and always sought to understand what I was looking for. I have recommend Sean to several other people.  

Steve P., Senior Consultant

Sean takes "professionalism" to a whole new level. He's incredibly thorough in his recruitment of a candidate and in the detail in preparing them and placing them with a company. His genuine demeanor and respect for people give the recruiting industry and Sean a great reputation with his clients, candidates and partners. It has been my honor to partner with Sean.  

Robin S., Technical Recruiter at Rambus

I have worked with Sean off and on for six years. He has always respected my privacy, and works hard to find his clients jobs. Sean also referred me to an associate of his who was able to find me an excellent job within 3 weeks. If I ever find myself in need of a job, Sean will be the first recruiter I contact.  

Josh B., Senior Software Engineer at CutterCroix

Sean found me the right position at the right company. He was easy to talk to and he kept in contact on a continuous basis throughout the interviewing process. The word to describe Sean is Awesome! Thank you Sean for everything.  

Olivia C., Business Systems Analyst at Automated Packaging Systems

Sean really stands out as a Recruiter and an Accounts Executive. He is always a positive influence in the office and he is always more than happy to lend a hand if you are having any kind of challenge and you need some assistance. The talent he is able to find through his processes is simply as good as you are going to find in the IT arena. Sean also manages his clients with outstanding customer service and follow up. If you are looking for exemplary IT talent, or if you are looking for the next best step in your IT career, I recommend Sean without hesitation.  

Damian M., Manager of Staff Augmentation at MCPc

Sean's level of work and dedication has been a standard for all employees to strive for.  

Jonathan C., Technical Recruiting Associate

I worked with Sean during the development of Basista.com a wholesale E-Commerce site credited with revolutionizing the national direct furniture market. His work on our team contributed heavily to the companies remarkable rise to national market prominence. Sean's professionalism and industry knowledge are matched only by his genuine honesty and relentless integrity. He is an asset to any company he is a part of, and wholly deserves my highest recommendation.  

Adam S., Sr. Project Manager at Huntington National Bank


Call / text 440-447-0001 or email Sean.Zetts@RiversideRecruiting.com for more information.